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 Tsinghua University’s custom of advocating sports and excellent sports tradition are formed, continued and developed under the stressing and promotion of the operators and even their own operation. They have been deeply rooted in the Tsinghua’s great cultural concepts of more than 90 years.
       Currently Teaching and Research Division of Physical Culture is well staffed with 59 teachers, in which there are 11 professors, 33 associate professors, 5 Ph.D. supervisors and 5 master's supervisors. Among the teachers, twelve have doctor's degree, and there are twenty masters and five people with dual degrees, 27 undergraduates and 6 international referees. Furthermore, we have employed 5 domestic well-known coaches. In Tsinghua University at present, PE required courses are offered to four grades of undergraduates and PE elective courses are offered to graduates; there are more than 50 PE courses. Currently Teaching and Research Division of Physical Culture has set up Sports and Health Research Center, Lab. of Exercise Sciences & Sports Medicine, Key Research Base for Sports and Social Science of General Administration of Sports of China.
       At present, Tsinghua University has 36 representative teams in 26 sports, including T&F team, rowing team, diving team, shooting team, basketball team, fencing team and other teams with more than 500 student athletes. They have achieved excellent results in national and even the world competitions.
       The basic concept of Tsinghua sports is education foremost, for all and pursuing excellence. Sports work of Tsinghua was just started in such an atmosphere. It has not only inherited the good tradition of sports accumulated and continued for decades but also integrated with new ideas, viewpoints and methods with social development, changes of people’s thinking and values. It makes the concept of “fighting to work at least 50 years healthily for the motherland” filling Tsinghua Park become Tsinghua people’s conscious physical exercise. It makes sports in Tsinghua University become not only an important component of university education but also an important support force of the nation and society.