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      At present, Tsinghua University has a total of 30 sports societies, largest in number of all types of societies, covering ball games, water, chess and cards, limit and etc. Society activities are important contents of students’ extra-curricular sports and cultural life. Thousands of competitions are held every year involving 36,000-40,000 people. Basically every sports society in Tsinghua University has regular training and technical instructor. Training will be more frequent when there are large events and activities. Societies are rooted in the students and daily trainings of many societies are open to non-member students. For example, all students loving roller-skating can attend technical guidance of Roller Skating Society. Marathon training is open to all participating students before Beijing International Marathon. These societies are rooted in the Tsinghua University campus, and they often hold recreational activities with sports associations of other universities in Beijing and promote the common progress of culture of college sports in Beijing.